Driving Records - United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Canada
     -A driving history of an individual listing citation, accident and licensing data

Tag/VIN Search
     -Returns current ownership information including lienholder when available,
      on a vehicle along with description of vehicle (make, model, year, color)

Accident Reports (including home or car incidents and theft reports)
     -Written report submitted by the investigation officer

Name Search
     -Search is done using name and date of birth to locate a current driver
      license number on a driver

Name and Address Search
     -A nationwide search don eusing name and address to verify current
      home address

SSN Verification
     -Search is used to verify accuracy of social security number

All Vehicles Registered Search (AVR) and descriptions
     -Search is done using name and/or driver license number to indentify all
      vehicles registered to an individual or company

Driver's License Photos
     -Available in select states, returns a microfilm copy of the front of an
      individual's driver's license

Title History
     -Complete historical documentation of a vehicle

Insurance Search
     -Search is conducted using plate number or VIN, returning current liability
      coverage on vehicle
Copy of Ticket
     -Microfilm copy of ticket written by police authority

Temp Tags/Dealer Plates
     -Search is conducted using plate number to discover dealer name and
      address assigned to plate number